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Address: Ganibu dambis street 26-416 office,
Riga, LV-1005, Latvia


Company / History /

Our firm was established in 2005. It is a young but quickly developing company. We design and manufacture uniforms and working clothes and also supply customers with necessary safety devices.

The name of our company speaks for itself. “Fashion Lab” means that we not only produce comfortable quality clothes for work but also create new visions of that product  and want them to be cheerful and modern. To be able to gain a firm foothold in the very competitive sewing market in Latvia we created our own strategies and tactics in within our company  We chose experienced well educated specialists and supplied them with high quality professional equipment manufactured by the best companies. We found certified suppliers of quality cloth, thread and accessories for all of our needs.  The primary objectives in our activity are the following: 

  • in the first place “the client is always right and his need for us is law”. Therefore the designing of the models are always a coinciding and creating process between the client and our staff. 
  • secondly the most important factor is quality. Our products suit the necessary requirements for working clothes. They are functional, durable, comfortable and safe. Our quality control personal are very strict. 
  • thirdly we are concerned with the aesthetical appearance of our goods. The days of the dreary and monotonous working overalls are gone. Our models are modern, cheerful, and create positive emotions. They actually help to reflect the unique image of the company. According to the needs and desires of the customer the goods can be decorated with their company’s logos. 
  • fourth since we produce and deal directly with the customer our prices are more than competitive and flexible. 
  • it is also our objective to fulfill all term agreements. 

 It is a pleasure to note that during our first year of operation we already have constant clients. Thanks to their appreciation we are a rapidly growing company. The models displayed in this catalog were designed and produced solely by our company. We hope that they will satisfy even the most particular clients.  Welcome to the world of “Fashion Lab”. Our office is located ten minutes from the center of Riga, with an ample parking area.

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